When I first moved to China, I was fresh out of college and ready to explore something different. And boy, did I get something different! China is unlike any place I’ve ever been. (At the time I moved there, I hadn’t traveled enough to really know it was so different, but now, having lived in countries all around the world, I can really say it– China is like no other!)

Since it was so different, and I was at first very isolated, what with the language barrier and my only friends at first being my work colleagues, I turned to writing as a way to express some of the rollercoaster of emotions I was experiencing.

These short stories, poems, and stream-of-consciousness travelogues are now published! You can find them on Amazon (which means you can read them on Kindle!) here. If you dive in I can guarantee you’ll be laughing, squirming in discomfort, and exclaiming out loud! Thanks to everyone for your support with this endeavor, and I hope you enjoy the final product 🙂

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